Appropriate Dress and Protocol for Successful Physical Education Participation 2014-2015

All students are required to dress-out for Physical Education. It is appropriate for students to change their clothes for hygiene, safety, and movement efficiency purposes. Separate PE clothes also help prevent regular school clothes from being ruined and provides flexibility for students to wear what they like during their classes outside of PE time. Teaching students how to prepare and properly dress for exercise is a skill needed for high school and a habit that they will, hopefully, be able to continue throughout their lives, staying active and healthy.

At the beginning of each PE class, students are given 5 minutes to change into their PE clothing inside the gym’s Boys and Girls restrooms/changing area. Students are given 5 minutes at the end of class to change back into their regular school clothes before moving on to the next class.

Grading in PE is in alignment with content standards and if a student is not able to demonstrate the standard or performance assessment due to inappropriate clothing limiting their abilities, then assessments are not accurate and students are not demonstrating their full potential. Grading is based on learning outcomes, not a student’s dress, but a student must be prepared to demonstrate their skills and abilities in a safe manner which requires appropriate PE clothing. If a student’s attire does not allow them to demonstrate the day’s learning outcomes, this will constitute a “non-dress” which is an unexcused absence for grading purposes.

Appropriate PE attire:

1)     PE clothes must be in alignment with school dress code rules.

2)     Black sweat pants, exercise pants, or athletic shorts. New PE uniform shorts available in office.

3)     Gold/yellow T-shirt (short or long sleeve) and/or sweatshirt. No tank tops are permitted. New gold PE uniform shirt available in the office.     Any BV Spirit wear is accaptable for class.

4)     Athletic shoes (with laces) that provide student with proper ankle support and safe running.

Inappropriate PE Attire:

1)     No jeans, dresses, or skirts.

2)    No dress shirts or shorts with buttons, zippers, chains, or other items which may cause injury to self or others.

            3)    No jewelry that may get caught up or pulled off during activity.