Spreckels Union School District recognizes music instruction as an integral component in a child's comprehensive education.  
The Spreckels Union Education Foundation (SUEF) funds the district's music program.  All students in grades K-5 receive weekly music instruction as part of their regular curriculum.  Students are introduced to vocal music, time, pitch, counting, and many other prerequisite skills in advance of music rehearsal and reinforce what they are learning in core classes. Students in grades 4 and 5 may join the elementary band.
Fifth grade and middle school students are encouraged to join the Buena Vista Band.  Students meet during the activity period at the end of the instructional day on a regular basis to practice with the district's music teacher, Mr. Jon Barnes.  Students are not pulled out of core classes to attend band.
Parents who have questions about the district's music program are encouraged to contact Mr. Barnes at 455-1831 (Spreckels Elementary) or 455-8936 (BVMS). His email address is jbarnes@spreckelsdistrict.org.