For years, mandated reporters were held legally responsible for reporting suspected instances of child abuse or neglect regardless of whether the employee was trained on what to look for or on the process of reporting.  With the recent passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 1432, mandated reporters in the field of education must now receive annual training on how to fulfill their legal obligation to help protect children. 

Under the new law, both the California Department of Education (CDE) and local educational agencies have new responsibilities in the training of mandated reporters.  As of January 1, 2015, a new version of Education Code section 44691 charges the CDE with developing and disseminating information on how to recognize and report suspected child abuse.  This information is directed towards school district, county offices of education, charter schools and state special schools and diagnostic centers.  The CDE is also responsible for developing an online training module that can be used by local educational agencies to train their staff as to their mandated reporting obligations.                              

At Spreckels Union School District all of our employees are trained annually through either the CDE online training or the Keenan SafeSchools training program.

Below are some links providing additional information and resources about mandated reporting:


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