As hard as it is to go against our human emotions and run to our children during a disaster, it is imperative that parents allow the distict and school sites to follow its emergency protocols.  We are responsible for every child, and if a parent take a child home without anyone's knowledge, our entire process breaks down and other lives are at risk.
In the case of a disaster, it is important that parents:
  • Wait by their phone for a Connect Ed message explaining the situation.
  • Avoid circulating information that may be false.
  • Do NOT enter the school site and try to check out their child.  (Per our emergency plan, we have designated areas where students are checked out in an orderly way to parents.)
  • Avoid jamming the school phone lines with calls.
  • Trust district personnel to take care of the situation.
  • Avoid making public statements to the media. In our plan, we have designated a spokesperson for the district who will keep the pubic briefed about the situtation.

Of course, we all hope that we will not be faced with a disaster that requires us to go into full disaster mode; however, the staff at SUSD feels confident that we are prepared to handle any situation and, most important, ensure the safety of our students.