We will have both announced and unannounced disaster drills throughout the year.  We expect our students and staff to respond to any disaster drill as if it were the real thing.  Please help us reinforce the need for these drills and the need for students to be calm, serious, and follow the directions of their teachers during these drills.
In general, there are two types of drills:
  • Evacuation- the goal is to leave the premises in an orderly fashion as quickly as possible while making sure each child is accounted for
  • An Earthquake Drill falls into the "evacuation" category except students need to duck and cover and wait a minute for the evaucation direction.  Once again, SUSD will take part in the Great Shakeout later in the fall.
  • Lockdown-During a lockdown drill, students are instructed to enter the closest room available, get low, stay away from windows, and follow their teachers' directions.  Teachers will lock the doors from outside and keep them locked until an "all clear" is announced.  We have coordinated a color-coded system with our first responders to communicate information during a lockdown.

Please feel reassured that our schools are located in relatively safe areas; however, no one can predict when and where a disaster will strike and we will do our best to ensure the safety of our students.  By law, school staff members must stay on campus during disasters and tend to the need of its students.