SUSD has a Safety Committee that meets on average once a month.  The Committee is comprised of members from all district stake-holders:  teachers, support staff, administration, parents, and community members.  Everyone's voice is heard equally and decisions are made through consensus.
This past year, the Safety Committee was responsible for recommending the installation of Columbine locks at both school sites, the repair of cracked and unsafe sidewalk, the elimination of gophers and squirrels, a tighter accountability system for our disaster drills, coordination with D'Arrigo Brothers to use their site as an off-campus site if needed, the removal of unused portables at Spreckels Elementary Schoool, and a list of best practice safety recommendations.
The Safety Committee also works closely with our local first responders to schedule both announced and unannounced disaster drills.  In general, there are two types of drills:  Evacuation and Lock Down.  Students and staff are trained on the procedures of each throughout the year. 
We would greatly welcome new parents and community members to join the committee.  If you are interested, please contact CBO and Director of Facilities Veronica Flournoy @ 455-2550 x 11.