Fiscal Impact of Student Absences
Besides the direct negative effect of absences on student learning, SUSD loses money each time a child is not at school, for whatever reason.
The district's main source of revenue is based on Average Daily Attendance (ADA).  Each time a child is absenct, the distict loses approximately $30.  Last year alone, the district lost $132,304 due to absences, with $39,713 from unexcused/non-illness absences.
Thanks to parents and students, SUSD has one of the highest attendance rates in the county at 96% (2010-11).  However, we believe that we can do better. If students are only absent when they are too sick and contagious to come to school, we believe we can improve upon our attendance rate.
Please make it a top priority to avoid taking trips during the school year and encouage your child to go to school when are not too sick.
We thank you for your cooperation.
District Attendance Goal:  97%